This week I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos, and a short description with each. If you want to see more than just cars you should follow me on Instagram by clicking the logo just to the right.


Ford GT

This is one of my favorites that I’ve ever taken. There’s no trick photography going on here, it’s just a wide angle shot, but the way the light hits the rim and accentuates the rim makes it really stand out. Also, I much prefer black and white photos. When they’re done right the contrast has an appeal that color just can’t achieve.


Porsche by Design

This next set is from a couple years ago at a Porsche exhibit in the Raleigh Art Museum. This was one of the few times I’ve done indoor photography. Since most of what I photograph are things like landscapes, architecture, and of course cars, these really stretched my abilities. Luckily the lighting was great which really helped to make the right things pop.

GT3R wheel 1.1.jpgPorsche 3.1.jpgPorsche light 1.1.jpgTurbolader 1.1.jpgandial-porsche-1-1


New York City

This one is loosely car related, but it is probably my favorite picture I’ve taken. It’s from my trip a couple summers ago to Toronto and NYC, and this is actually taken less than a block away from the World Trade Center. Night photography is really difficult because it’s either grainy or has a lot of blur, which I used to my advantage in this instance. Usually, what I’ll do is open the shutter for 30 seconds and let the light’s be the focal point. If there’s no lighting bright enough, like a countryside at night, then you’ll need more than 30 seconds.

Night Lights 1.1.jpg



My Car

These next two are of my own car and were taken down in Bisset Park. The bridge does an excellent job of adding strong lines and giving photographs an urban appeal.rear-1-1car-under-bridge-3-1


Ferrari 599

These next few are from a family friend’s Ferrari. Every year he puts on a private showing of his family’s car collection which includes this Ferrari, a number of Corvettes, a couple Porsches, and a couple race cars, as well as what other people bring. I took these back in high school and when I look at them now I realize that I would edit them a little differently now, but they’re still some of my favorites.



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